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"Concentrated Power has always been the Enemy of Liberty." - President Ronald Reagan
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Greetings From House Republican Leader Jones:

Welcome to, the Massachusetts House Republican Caucus' political website. We, the GOP members of the House stand together to support the right policies which will create jobs in our state and offer alternative No New Tax measures to solve problems. We constantly fight for Two-Party Balance at the State House so one party rule no longer corrupts our state and damages our economic recovery.

In 2010, our message was heard loud and clear by the voters and we went from 15 GOP members of the House to 33 in 2011. In 2012 we saw the Democrats strike back with special interest money targeting the new Republican gains. We must prepare to take on this special interest money to maintain the members we have and gain in our numbers in the House in November of 2014.

In 2013, we voted against the increase of over $500 million in job killing taxes but offered a No New Taxes Plan to deal with our state's transportation needs. We are not here to be the Party of NO but to offer solutions and alternative ideas to help the people of our state.

But more needs to be done... More has to be done. We need your help to re-elect and elect Republicans to the House to truly transform the way business is done on Beacon Hill.

I ask that you DONATE to our Mass Republican House PAC so we can continue the great work of our House Republican Caucus.

Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
House Republican Leader

"Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely."

But There is Hope...

Donate to the MA GOP House PAC



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